our mission
art & eden is committed to being best for the world while striving to be best in the world - one step, one product and one community at a time.
we celebrate the artist & honor the earth
we follow the spirit of the child. we applaud disruptive models that challenge systems oppressing and polluting our planet and our hearts. we believe in the power of innovation. we believe in love.
as a registered public benefit enterprise, art & eden makes clothes that are better for people and better for the planet. our promise to you is transparency. we believe in your right to know exactly what your children’s clothes are made of, how they’re produced, and where your money goes when you buy them.
better for the planet
fair business practices we partner with factories that share our vision of a better world for all.
sustainable processes
organic & recycled materials our entire girls line is made with organic cotton and our boys line is comprised of items made of organic cotton , or a mix of organic cotton and recycled or upcycled polyester.

recycled packaging
low impact dyes

better for the people
transparency we believe in your right to know exactly what your children’s clothes are made of, how they’re produced and where your money goes when you buy them.
giving back
buy better.
do better.
we contribute to additional initiatives, including our Camden Street School mentorship program and our Clothes for Cure initiative where every art & eden garment sold helps nourish an under-resourced child.

we ensure that everyone of our team members receives fair wages and working conditions that they enjoy.
we keep prices affordable without sacrificing quality and originality
supporting artists
we commission artists from all around the world to bring you unique and artful prints

better for the children
who wear our clothes
your little ones may eat organic, but do they wear organic? we may not “digest” clothes the way that we do food, but would you want chemicals in our children’s clothing and on their skin?
used in cotton
most polluting
chemicals used to turn raw materials to textiles

when choosing cottons, you have a choice...
the other way
  • seeds typically treated with insecticides GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) frequently used loss of soil due to mono crop culture
  • high usage of synthetic fertilizers
  • intensive irrigation required
  • herbicides are applied to the soil to kill weeds
  • accounts for approximately 25% of the world’s insecticide consumption
  • many of the insecticides are known to be carcinogens
  • cotton defoliation activated by chemicals

the better way
  • uses untreated seeds
  • never uses GMOs
  • soil retains more water because of the organic matter in the soil
  • fertilizers not needed due to stronger soil via crop rotation
  • irrigation requirements greatly reduced due to better rainwater retention
  • weeds are physically removed
  • beneficial insects and other natural methods are used
  • cotton defoliation activated through natural seasonal freezing (aboutorganiccotton.org)

art & eden is part-experiment, part-life-dream, part-resistance, part-social-movement.
we know that we don’t have all the answers. we don’t even have all of the questions. but what we do have is heart, imagination, and the conviction that our choices have the power to make a better world.
welcome to the journey. let’s open up to change and co-create something beautiful.