The UNrevolution
we reject industry without conscience
we refuse futility and insist on possibility
we’re designing the change we want to see
to challenge destructive industries, we ask them:why?
to invent better business, we ask ourselves: why not?
we do not accept the old way as the only way
we are calling for a radical redefinition
join the UNrevolution
innovation is our ammo. love is our protest.
imagination is our battleground.

ignite your moral imagination
return to love. return to honesty. return to responsibility.
reform is a whole-world responsibility
dear child,
you are powerful. you are beautiful. you are bold.
you are unstoppable. we did not inherit this earth from our ancestors; we borrowed it from you. we know there is no planet B. art is your born right and leaving you eden is our duty. we will choose well, so you can wear well.