art & eden: a small tale
what if we only fell from paradise so that we could build back toward it?
in the beginning
we had love. we had slowness and sunlight, community and caring. we had the freedom to explore and create. we had the liberty to not know everything so that we could discover.
then we started to grow
and so did the world. things began to change. slowly at first, then faster, faster. exploration was replaced with production. inspiration was overrun by standardization. creativity crumpled under efficiency.
we made sacrifices.
we stifled our unique spirits and put on uniforms to get more done. we saw that high quality meant low output, so we flipped them. we saw that environmentally safe practices cost extra time and money, so we tossed them. things moved fast and we had to keep up—even at the price of damaging ourselves & our planet.
what did it give us?
pollution & stress. health hazards & unethical working conditions. violations of the earth, of workers and of consumers. the loss of imagination.
wait! why does it have to be this way?
our belief: it doesn’t
at art & eden, we stand for the new way. We say: return to love. return to honesty and return to responsibility. reclaim creativity and contribute to community. celebrate the child. We can’t go back to eden. so we think it’s time we start building our own.
create the world you want to live in, a place for your child to thrive.
follow, the better way.