buy better . do better.
when you buy better, a child lives better: every purchase helps provide sustenance for children in need. thank you doesn’t feel big enough: we love you!
global impact
you made the difference.
because of you, we can commit to
one million multivitamins
for children in need.
your purchase of art & eden products provides mentoring, medication and multivitamins to children in need.
our team tabulates sales, plans our contribution and works with our giving partner, Hope Worldwide to dispense medication to meet the needs of children in our local and global communities.
Hope Worldwide procures the multivitamins and medication and imports the same into the intended country of impact.
the art & eden team, Hope Worldwide team and volunteers that include doctors, nurses, dentists, lab technicians and pharmacists along with the Hope’s local administration teams support our endeavor to ensure the successful execution and implementation of the medication and multivitamins.

bringing hope to
Central America
on November 4th, 2016 we commenced our journey of impact and launched our clothes for cure program.
with your support, we plan to continue our
journey through Central America in 2017
art & eden has committed to:
• 1 million multivitamins reaching 2,740 kids
• 7,000 doses of albendazole to cure 3,500 kids from parasites

clothes for cure launch
what is the impact of keeping
a child parasite free?
the administration of albendazole will allow children to be free of parasites. without the parasite infestation, their bodies are able to utilize the nutrition coming from not only the food they eat, but also from the important multivitamin supplements provided by art & eden. the benefits of improved nutrition allow for growth, thus allowing each child to fully realize their potential height. albendazole also supports the brain’s physical development allowing for full, healthy emotional and mental development.
listen to pediatrician Dr. Doug Stein
art & eden is committed to using business as a force for good. we recognize that strong partnerships are pivotal in our journey of impact. our primary giving partner is Hope Worldwide, a nonprofit that brings hope and changes lives around the world. our founder and CEO susan has worked closely with the Hope Worldwide team since 2014, when they launched Empower, a midday meal program for undernourished children in India. what started as a simple project ended up as a contribution of 186,000 meals. with the launch of empower, we (unknowingly) planted the seed that would grow into art & eden.
watch the Hope Worldwide team
local impact
we are better together.
your purchase brings hope and a better future to kids right here in America.
changing lives one
student at a time
the world does not become better by chance but through the conscious, deliberate choices we make each day.
on October 31st 2016, art & eden began the next chapter of its social impact journey through the Camden Street School in Newark, N.J.
journey of impact
through our work with the students at the Camden Street School, we hope to instill the firm belief that their future is not a matter of chance. it is a matter of choice and the only person they are destined to be is the person that they decide to be.
Camden Street School
mentorship program
we’ve developed a program, in which our team regularly volunteers to provide leadership development, creative engagement and mentoring for the kids.
we are so grateful that our business allows us the opportunity to nurture, support and watch real change happen as dreams become realities.

why Camden Street School?
become part
of the solution
the team at art & eden is committed to opening doors and creating possibilities for the kids at the Camden Street School, catalyzing change while deepening community resilience and love.
95% of the students in the school live below the poverty line and 40% of the students are special needs kids.
when you purchase from art & eden, you become part of the solution. together we can invest in a better tomorrow for children, right here in America.