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remarkable children's clothing, sustainably made, using organic cotton & low impact dyes

We are delighted to have 100% G.O.T.S. certified organic clothes like our Organic Baby Boy Bottoms, baby gift sets, and accessories available to you and your little ones! Our organic children's clothes use low-impact dyes to protect your child’s skin. You can be sure. Our organic clothes are comfortable on a sensitive baby's skin and come in different colors and sizes. Whether you are a new mother, pregnant, father, uncle, aunt, or someone with a child in their life, art & eden is for you.  If you’re wondering about the advantages of any clothing, we suggest that the best thing to do is ensure it comes from an organic source. They avoid pesticides and insecticides in the growing and manufacturing process which provides a cleaner and healthier climate. Because babies have skin that is thinner and more porous than adult’s skin, it is more susceptible to environmental and chemical contaminants. It can be more easily irritated or inflamed by skin conditions like eczema. Get baby clothes you can trust. Shop art & eden’s baby collection as you put together your child's first wardrobe.
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