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May 22nd, 2017


It’s so hot in Los Angeles right now! It’s just mid May and we’re already in the 90’s… Oh lord, do we have a really hot summer ahead of us?! Well, I’m already starting to research and plan activities that will keep Lennox and I cool while having fun in the summer heat! I can’t keep this kid inside just because it’s hot!! Obviously, if it’s too hot for little ones we will plan accordingly and stay indoors. So I’ve done a little looking and made a list of 3 parks with water features I’d like to try out- Lennox was too small for splash pads last summer. These parks offer options to cool down with the little ones and keep them occupied! Plus, I added some other water themed activities to my list for the little ones that aren’t “quite” walking yet! Now if you don’t live in Los Angeles, I’d recommend googling your local parks and see which ones have kid friendly water features like fountains or splash pads etc.

The three parks I’d like to try are:

1. Tongva Park in Santa Monica is 6 acres and is divided into 4 areas: Discovery Hill, Garden Hill, Gathering Hill and Observation Hill. I am excited about the children’s discover play area with splash pad

which will definitely keep the kids cool while having a blast in the water! At the park you will also find  the natural ampitheater, walking paths, shaded picnic areas and gardens. Please find all info here.

2. Coldwater Canyon park is lovely and located in the heart of Beverly Hills. The park has two small picnic areas and two play areas, a water feature which is a gentle stream for the little ones to play around in. Another destination for them to play and get wet! Plus, parents can enjoy watching their kids while snacking and catching up on grownup topics 😉 Please find all info here

3. Grand park splash pad is located in the heart of downtown LA. Kids can run around, get wet with their friends and it’s free!! With some of downtowns most well known locations like City Hall near by, you can make it an educational day as well! Please find all info here.

Ok, water options for smaller ones and if you aren’t local to LA:

4. Step2 has an adorable water table that Lennox fell in love with at his friends house! I have it arriving in two days! This little boy will be soooo excited! He splashed around for 45 minutes and was soaked from head to toe! My favorite feature is the umbrella.  I’m a huge sunscreen advocate so shade is a big plus for me! You can find water table info here

5. Swimming lessons are a must! The first time we got Lennox in the pool he was 6 months old. But, we don’t have a pool so I gotta get creative! I have a group of mommy friends, all with babes under 15 months who want to create a swimming class at one of our friends homes. She has a wonderful pool and this way we will research a swimming instructor who fits our needs. I like the idea of private lessons because it is cost effective (with the amount of babies that want to join the class) and it feels more personal. I want Lennox to feel safe in the water and LOVE it. I want his experience of learning to swim to be a positive one. What better way than with all his friends and in a pool he is comfortable in. Once I find the instructor I will share the info!

As for today, we will settle for splashing our feet in the wade pool!

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May 22nd, 2017

SPLISH SPLASH     It’s so hot in Los Angeles right now! It’s just mid May and we’re already in the 90’s… Oh lord, do we have a really hot summer ahead of us?! Well, I’m already starting to research
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