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May 1st, 2017

Creating a New Eden
The Better Way


noun The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

Now before you run away and scream; “not another english lesson!” Blah. Blah. Blah. Really!? I see you doing the Charlie Brown scream, waving your hands around. TRULY. STOP. I promise after reading this, you will be as inspired as I am. Let me start off with a small tale, not written by me, but I wish I had, because this small tale spoke volumes to me and I know it will to you too.

“What if we only fell from paradise so that we could build back toward it? In the beginning we had love, we had slowness, sunlight, community and caring. We had the freedom to explore and create. We had the liberty to not know everything so that we could discover.

Then we started to grow and so did the world. Things began to change, slowly at first, then faster and faster. Exploration was replaced with production. Inspiration was overrun by standardization. Creativity crumpled under efficiency. We made sacrifices.

We stifled our unique spirits and put on uniforms to get more done. We saw that high quality meant low output, so we flipped them.We saw that environmentally safe practices cost extra time and money, so we tossed them. Things moved fast and we had to keep up—even at the price of damaging ourselves & our planet.

What did it give us?

Pollution. Stress. Health hazards. Unethical working conditions. Violations of the earth. Violations of workers and of consumers. The loss of imagination.

Wait! Why does it have to be this way?

At the art & eden, we stand for the new way. We say: return to love. Return to honesty and return to responsibility. Reclaim creativity and contribute to community. Celebrate the child. We can’t go back to eden. so we think it’s time we start building our own. Create the world you want to live in, a place for your child to thrive. Follow the better way.”

~ story by Nandita Batheja, editor at art & eden 

I’m brimming with emotion, because this “small tale” and all things art & eden is EVERYTHING that SKIP is about.

Meet Susan Correa, Founder and CEO of this incredible “giving back” company.

Offering kids products that are better for the planet, better for the people who make them and better for the people who wear them.

Susan has built her entire career in the apparel industry. She’s led multi-million dollar operations around the world, co-founded a successful fashion brand and managed a global sourcing company.

Yet, despite these rich and fulfilling years, Susan felt something was missing. Inspired by the purpose-driven lives of family and friends, Susan felt called to do more than simply “achieve”.



In 2014, with her partnership with Hope Worldwide, Susan was able to launch EMPOWER where for every garment sold for cooper & ella, a brand she co-founded, a hot nutritious meal was served to a child in need. That journey changed her forever as Susan recognized she could harness the incredible power of business for social good. art & eden was born from a simple philosophy : You get to buy better. Your purchase of  the darling – ever so darling unique pieces at art & eden allows a child in need to live better. Yep. Simple.

Like my life changing adventure in Nicaragua, it was on her journey to India to launch this program that Susan read Seth Godin’s Linchpin and Jim Collins’ From Good to Great (both already ordered, my peeps!) where the authors’ powerful messages, the inspiring children that she met, the poverty that she witnessed, that led to – and oh yes, I do love this one – the whisper of possibility. The kind that gives you goosebumps. It was a recipe for transformation.

The books changed her course. The kids changed her heart. The journey changed her forever.“

Because of her desire to change the fashion world, Susan started to pursue the “other way of fashion” aka “fast fashion” vs.” the better way” of creating fashion. And boy did she develop a BETTER way:

better for the planet : sustainable materials. low impact dyes. recycled packaging.

better for the people who make them: fair trade practices. supporting artists.

better for the people who wear them: that be your littles. heart emoji.

As a result,  she left two executive roles in two multi-million businesses in pursuit of the BETTER WAY that led to the launch of art & eden in January 2017, where you can shop sustainably AND provide sustenance for children in need. Because of YOU, a child in need can live a happier, healthier life.  And because of Susan’s growing partnership with Hope Worldwide you will have local and global impact. With art & eden, you can reject industry without conscience. you can join them in taking a stand. You can join the call for radical re-definition. You can join the UNrevolution.

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May 1st, 2017

Creating a New EdenThe Better Way by Portia. Posted on May 1, 2017 in·spi·ra·tion inspəˈrāSH(ə)n/ noun The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do
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