Feb 6, 2017

See Supermodel Coco Rocha Celebrate Art & Eden, Sustainable Children’s Clothing Line


Last week supermodel Coco Rocha and daughter Ioni stopped by art&eden to celebrate the new eco-friendly children’s brand. Rocha, one of the most visible names in the fashion is industry, is also an advocate for sustainable clothing. “Art & eden is for our young generation,” she said. “If this is good for our earth, good for the fashion industry, and the fact that it is adorable and affordable, we did it!” The brand’s motto is “buy better, do better.”

Art & eden is a sustainable children’s fashion line for youngsters (for both boys and girls) that uses only organic materials and is ethically made with fair-trade practices. It’s also a collection that celebrates artists who design the clothes and challenge the traditional system of clothing production.

Art & eden also has a give-back portion to their business model, with an impact initiative called “clothes for a cure.” Funded from a portion of art & eden’s sales, the initiative, supports a nutrition-optimization program in Central America, providing critically needed medication and nutrients to children in the area.

The new brand says it is committed to using business as a force for good. Since 2014 art&eden’s  primary giving partner has been Hope Worldwide, which  launched Empower, a midday meal program for undernourished children in India. This project started small and ended up contributing 186,000 meals. With the launch of Empower the A&E managment team says it  (unknowingly) planted the seed that would grow into art & eden. For more information, go to: art&eden

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