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5 Sustainable Fashion Trends You need To Hear About

By Stephanie Malangone

In 2017, it’s encouraging to see that eating healthy and buying organic are becoming more of a norm. When watching a farm documentary and discovering what exactly we are putting into our bodies, we can cringe at the thought of mainstream nutrition – and we take steps to protect our kids from this. We buy organic milk, pack more fruits and veggies for lunch and make sure to keep pesticides away from our babies’ mouths. Well, isn’t what you’re putting onto your body just as important as what you are putting into it? While mainstream media might not be talking much about sustainable fashion, there is a lot of clothing out there that contains the very same chemicals and materials we strive so desperately to keep out of our food. We’ve gathered up the top 5 sustainable fashion trends that you need to hear about right now that will not only keep your body safe, but will protect our furry friends and the environment as well.


Vegan Leather

Vegan leather is a relatively new green fashion trend that was debuted by Stella McCartney in her Fall 2017 collection on March 6 in Paris. This bold move drove popularity to the “skin-free fabric” that has caused other high fashion names to jump on board. More recently, vegan footwear has become a very popular item in green fashion trends. Dr. Martens, Saucony Sneakers and Birkenstocks have all released lines of vegan footwear. In fact, Birkenstock recently received the “Vegan Fashion Award” from PETA, an incredible honor for this sandal brand.


The Neutral Trend

This fall, neutrals are the trend – it’s a season of wearing black, white and nude colors for both you and your kids. That means more chances to stock up on clothes made with natural dyes. This sustainable fashion trend is a life saver because of all the toxic chemicals that are used in dyeing clothing. For example, in many acrylic dyed clothes you will find formaldehyde, a chemical that can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions. Nanosilver, another dye ingredient, has been proven to kill brain cells – most especially when a baby has chewed on the article of clothing, thus directly ingesting it. Azo dyes in particular have been known to lead to bladder cancer. To avoid these harsh chemicals, look for labels that talk about their natural dyeing process. And that isn’t just limited to black and white! Blues, yellows, browns, reds, purples and greys are also in the natural dye range, and they can add a special pop to your neutral palate.


Tencel Denim

Tencel denim is a hit new green fashion trend that will make you want to spring for a new pair of jeans! This organic clothing compound is made from the inside of a eucalyptus tree, sometimes mixed with cotton, and it is one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics that there is. This is because not only is the actual fiber sustainable, but it is grown in a completely sustainable environment as well. No pesticides are used, and the process is simple and natural from start to finish. Not to mention, it makes for a great pair of jeans, denim shirt, dress or skirt.


Eco-friendly Sunglasses

In the summer months, and even on bright days this winter, you can’t leave the house without your sunnies. They have become more of a fashion statement than anything else – but when it comes to protecting your kid’s eyes, you can never be too careful. Eco-friendly sunglasses are a new green fashion trend that will protect both your eyes and your environment. Particularly on the rise are sunglasses made with bamboo frames. They give a cute, edgy look from the bamboo, and they keep harsh plastics out of the equation at the same time.


Organic Cotton

Here at art & eden, we LOVE organic cotton. Well – there’s a reason for that. Conventionally grown cotton accounts for more than 25% of worldwide insecticide and pesticide use. If you’re the type of mom who won’t let her kid ingest a food sprayed with pesticide, why let your kid wear a shirt made with one? Children are at an even greater risk for pesticide related health problems as well because their brains and bodies are still developing. In addition to this, organic cotton is more comfortable and lasts much longer than conventional cotton. This type of organic clothing is a green fashion trend that the whole family will appreciate.

Sustainable fashion trends are, of course, trendy and fun to follow – but they’re also so much more than that. The best type of trend is one that keeps you safe and keeps the environment safe. These trends are healthy for you, your kids, animals and nature. Plus, following them will keep up your cool mom status on Instagram.


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5 Sustainable Fashion Trends You need To Hear About

y Stephanie Malangone In 2017, it’s encouraging to see that eating healthy and buying organic are becoming more of a norm. When watching a farm documentary and discovering what exactly we are putting
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