Fast Fashion Facts

Written by Nandita Batheja

Your little ones may eat organic, but do they wear organic?
We may not “digest” clothes the way that we do food, but would you want chemicals in our children's clothing and on their skin?

Fast Fashion Facts about today’s clothing industry:

These insecticides harm the health of consumers, agricultural workers, and the environment.

The truth is brutal. The industry’s rampant use of chemicals to treat clothing results in thousands of pesticide-borne illnesses and deaths and has a devastating impact on our environment and our bodies.

That’s why we, at art & eden are committed to our social responsibility and only to use organic cotton, low impact dyes and ethically sourced materials in our garment creation process. We are GOTS & FairTrade certified. This means:

  • An organic certifier monitors all phases of our production
  • We do not use dangerous chemical treatments, which means those toxic chemicals stay out of your child’s body and out of our earth
  • We require the humane treatment of animals
  • Our garments are made with organic or sustainable materials


It’s equally important to us that you can actually buy these clothes without emptying your bank. Healthy living shouldn’t be synonymous with exclusivity. We work hard to keep our prices down so you can keep your child’s style and health up. We do all this while maintaining a minimum price tag to ensure our factories can pay their employees fair wages.

Clothes that are better for the planet AND Better for the people who wear them

Find out more about GOTS certification here 

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