its easy being green

Written by Nandita Batheja
  1. Turn off the faucet when not in use. Yes, even when you’re shaving. Come on, now, it’s not that bad!
  2. Buy recycled goods. Close the loop of waste!
  3. Go meatless once a week, or once day. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions and lowers the demand for mass meat production!
  4. Save energy! Lower the thermostat, unplug appliances, wash clothes in cold water, use a clothesline to dry.
  5. Recycle all paper, plastics, a\nd containers. The estimate of plastic waste in our oceans ranges from 4.8 million to 12.7 million metric tons. Holy. Moly.
  6. BYO water bottle. They’re light, they’ll save you money and they will greatly help our earth!
  7. Carry reusable bags. Baggu bags wrap up to fit in your palm, they’re affordable and they’re easy to wash!
  8. Replace paper towels with cloth napkins. Cut up old t-shirts make great rags, and washable cloth napkins make a prettier dinner table.
  9. Start composting. Not sure what to compost? This beginner’s guide will help you out! And if you’re a NYC resident, here’s where you can drop it off. North Carolina even has compost pick-up! A quick Google search should tell you where your nearest center is.
  10. Keep learning! Educate yourself and educate your family. Spreading awareness, taking these small steps with a friend, teaching your kids how to value the earth and care for it—this is the real impetus of change. Grist is an awesome news source, as is Treehugger and sites like Sustainable Baby Steps.

Check out Michele Borboa’s list of 52 easy ways to go green without going broke. You got this, environmental-buddy!

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